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Top 15 self sabotage behaviors for women in business!

Updated: Jun 3

Are you using one (or more) of these 15 sabotaging behaviors that could be blocking your success?

We all fall into sabotaging patterns from time to time. What helps us to progress is being self-aware of the patterns and find ways to remove the barriers that are getting in our way, especially the mental ones.

Here is a list of the top 15 behaviors that can get in your way. Check in and be honest with yourself about which ones resonate with you. You can change what you are aware of, so don’t be too hard on yourself and know that you have the choice to do things differently.

1) Overthinking and getting stuck in your own head

We all do this from time to time, but if you find that it stops you from acting or leaves you in a crappy mood, then its sabotaging you and its time to find the tools to help you overcome it.

2) Setting goals, then not following through

This is a form of sabotaging that can be sneaky. It can be full of excuses around time, money, energy or something else. You create the resources you need to achieve the goals that are most important to you. It might be good to check in on the goal as well to ensure its what you really want.

3) Not prioritizing yourself

You deserve to be your top priority, and that does not mean that everyone else comes last. Babe, make sure your needs are being met and that your feeling joy often.

4) Procrastinating

Oh this is my favorite, I even started to procrastinating before writing this. Why? Because its outside my comfort zone and feels scary to think of putting it out into the world. But hey, you’re here reading it so there’s no way I’m going to let procrastination get in my way, are you?

5) Allowing fear and overwhelm to take over

You know this babe! You know that to get what you want in life, that its gong to take you doing new things that feel scary. Learn to take some breaths, rest if needed and write out the feeling, but then make an action plan and commit to it.

6) Comparing yourself to others

Comparisonitis is all the rage with our tech age, full of perfectly looking people and lives on social media. It’s hard not to get jealous of people living the fabulous life your wanting, I get it and I can fully admit that I’ve succumbed once or twice. But I now send gratitude and well wishes to the people living those lives and use the feeling to motivate me to grow and chase the life I want to live.

7) Focusing on negativity

Again, this is something all around us! The people we speak to, the news we watch, the papers we read, the social media post… IT IS EVERYWHERE. But we can choose to not allow the negativity to bring our vibes down and choose to find positives everywhere we can.

8) Overindulging or self-medicating

This one is a biggie. Too much of anything is not a good thing. If you are struggling with overeating, medicating with alcohol or other substances, sleeping excessively or anything else that is affecting your daily life then please PLEASE seek professional medical support.

9) Self-criticism

As humans, we can be our own worst enemy and not only does that hurt our self-belief, it makes it hard to make progress in life. It is not as hard as we think to start changing our thoughts, to choose more positive self-talk and start building an internal list of our positive attributes and achievements.

10) Disorganization that effects your productivity

If you spend all your time in chaos, or your environment feels disorganized to you then you guessed it, your mind is not running at full capacity and everything feels harder and more of a struggle! This is another way of sabotaging your progress, by not prioritizing the need for organisation.

11) Impostor syndrome

This stems back to feeling like a fraud, that you are somehow inadequate. To overcome this, you will need to find tools to help you to start believing in yourself, take stock of your abilities, the value you provide and reminding yourself often of your achievements.

12) Initiating conflicts

This is one you may do but not realize at the time that you’re doing it. Picture it, you’ve been busy all day and what you’ve been trying to do isn’t working the way you want it to, so you’re feeling frustrated and tired. Your partner makes a little remark that you would not normally react to, yet today… BOOM, its game on! This right here is one to be aware of, and with awareness you will be able to catch it before its happened and divert.

13) Obsessively questioning your purpose

I believe that every human thinks about what their purpose is or questions the reason for life. It is normal to wonder every so often as you change and grow. But if its becoming an obsessive thought, ongoing and it is stopping you from picking a path, then this is a form of self-sabotage. You don’t need to have all the answers to life, just know that when you pick a path and things will be revealed to you, and you may change or pivot and that is perfectly OK.

14) Using ‘I can’t’ statements

This right here is the biggest limiting thing you can say to yourself and it is one we say to ourselves often. That we can’t do something and followed by an excuse such as I don’t have the money so I can’t do (inset thing) or I don’t have the time, so I can’t (inset the other thing you want to do). Check in with yourself when your saying you can’t do something.

15) Overspending or obsessively saving

Money is a massive way many people sabotage their success. I know for me; I tend to be an impulsive shopper and spend more then is required. I can control it these days, especially as I follow law of attraction principles. Find the tools you need to ensure you aren’t on either extreme end of the money spectrum.

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