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Self-Belief in Business

Building your self-belief is fundamental to growing your business.

I have always been fascinated about what makes people who they are. A long-standing question in the social work sector is nature vs nurture, and which one has more influence. Both play such a big part, yes many of the attributes and preference we have, could be tied to our biology and gifted to us at birth, but our beliefs and perspectives are given to us by our carers and influences during childhood and adolescents. So, I often wonder, which one has a stronger hold over who we are?

I ponder this as I reflect on where true self-belief comes from and how someone can grow a belief in themselves so strong that it can last during challenging times in life and business. And in my opinion, Self-belief is something we practice and grow; therefore, we are able to nurture ourselves into having a rock solid self-belief.

Let’s look at ways you can begin to grow your self-belief:

· Take stock of yourself

Do you know intimately your strengths and weaknesses? You hear a lot in business about staying in your zone of genius, and I agree with this statement to a certain point, but I am also someone who believes in ongoing learning and growth. In order to have growth, we must know where our weaknesses are and be willing to learn in these areas to assist us in building the business we desire. Knowing these things about yourself do a great deal of towards building self-belief. Focusing on our strengths, while learning to trust that we can grow and learn new things is a massive thing when it comes to having true self belief in ourselves.

· Look for examples of your awesomeness

We often don’t celebrate our wins, big or small. We don’t take the time to reflect on the achievements we have made and our accomplishments, both in life and business. I encourage you to make a list of your awesomeness! Make a list of everything you have accomplished over the last 5 or 10 years, all the learning of new skills or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to believe in your abilities to overcome anything or learn (almost) anything. Allow that to be your reminder of why you can achieve anything you commit yourself to.

· Commit to your priorities

I remember reading a book years ago (sorry, not sure which one) that explained the process of how we loose belief in ourselves every time we tell ourselves we would do something and then didn’t follow through. That when we tell ourselves that we are going to start the diet or the gym and then don’t we begin to lose belief. Our brains get into the habit of saying, ‘sure, one day’ to begin to trust ourselves again and grow our belief, we must commit. And like a dog with a bone, when you commit, don’t do it half assed!

· Practice loaded affirmation work

I LOVE loaded affirmation work and it was the saving grace for me to learn a few years ago. When I first learnt about affirmations, I didn’t understand the need to have some belief and feeling behind what I was saying. I was saying affirmation and had them around the house, but it didn’t feel like it was working or doing anything. And it wasn’t!

What I hadn’t learnt yet, was that they needed to be ‘loaded’ with feeling and emotions that would change how I felt when I said them and that’s when they would also become more ingrained into my thoughts and in turn become new beliefs.

· Get in touch with your emotions

As women, we are taught to control our emotions and often labelled with being too much of something, regarding our emotional displays. We then learn to hide them, and this leads to being out of touch with what we are feeling or allowing ourselves to feel our unpleasant emotions. Its time to stop sweeping them under the rug and allow ourselves to feel them, acknowledge the impacts and let them teach us what we need at any given time. The sooner we can learn to be comfortable with our unpleasant emotions, the sooner things in our life will grow and expand.

· Do the inner work

Work on your mindset every day! Figure out where your beliefs are supporting you, figure out where your sabotaging yourself due to limiting beliefs, find the negative patterns your stuck in and then take action every day to manage the unhelpful thoughts and release the beliefs that aren’t serving you. If you want to learn more about how to release limiting beliefs, I have a blog dedicated to that!

· Take courageous actions

This goes a long way to being able to build your confidence and self-belief, every time you take a courageous action your growing and evolving. You proving to yourself that you can do things that once scared you and in turn, you can change your reality by doing the things you once thought were not possible for you. Self-belief starts with knowing you have the ability to do anything you want in life and that you have the ability to create the life you want.

In order to do the things needed to grow a sustainable and profitable business, to get out of your comfort zone and take actions you have never tried, to step into the magic of your awesomeness and create the unseen reality you crave, you will need self-belief. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be real enough that your confidence shines and you feel lighter when doing things that would have scared you into inaction before. My desire for you is that you acknowledge all of the awesome sauce you bring to the world with your gifts and you see and feel your unique magic!

Where to from here?

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