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How often do you let your emotions control your business and long-term goals?

Updated: Jun 3

But Sarah what does this mean?

Life is made up of choice, some big like where to live and who we have a romantic relationship with and some that seem smaller like what top to wear and what to have for lunch.

Each day we are making choices that shape our reality and every choice ends with a result. So, in turn, I see our results as being made up of the little actions and choices taken each day.

I also see all emotions as being temporary, every emotion we have does not last forever, especially if we are going through a period of growing and evolving. When we are doing the inner work, a lot of emotions come up and most people find they are uncomfortable and its like being on a roller coaster.

So how much of our life choices are made from temporary emotions? And how many of the actions you are choosing are not getting you the results you want in your business?

Lets be real here, you wake up in the morning and the first thing on your to do list is something your not really excited to do, yet you know its something that needs to be done (its on your to do list for a reason, right?) and your first thought might be something like ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I slept badly and feel blah’.

So, you’re feeling a temporary emotion, of feeling tired or something deeper like you’re having a fear-based reaction to the task because it’s something that’s taking you out of your comfort zone. Then you give yourself a free pass to not do the task. You have now allowed your emotions to get in the way of your long-term goal.

I don’t want you to get me wrong here, there are times when you will need to pause, feel your feels but my motto is don’t visit too long in these emotions and whatever you do, don’t unpack and live there.

Let’s reverse engineer the way you make choices using mindset and re-framing, and I’ll give you an example of mine.

My long-term goal is to build my business by making an impact through supporting women in business cultivate a success mindset that changes their results in business and life.

My passion is to help women overcome limiting beliefs, ditch self-sabotage behaviors and up level their mindset to create the life and business they desire. To do this I want to create valuable content that helps them to change perspectives, challenge their beliefs and reflect on their thoughts.

So right there, I have told you my long-term plan (building my business and impact) and the goals I have for my business right now (creating awesome content). I have a choice everyday as to whether I create content or not and build habits that support my goals and plans.

This morning I have a choice, I can write this blog piece, or I can allow myself a free pass to not do it based on how I’m feeling or that it’s a bit scary starting a new blog. But here’s the proof that when you begin to focus on the goal instead of the emotions and beliefs, you can stop yourself from allowing your emotions to control your results.

The other key to add in here is to become committed to the habits you need to have for the actions. I have committed to spending 30 days creating content before anything else, before checking emails or socials or any other tasks that need to be done in business. Some of my best work has been done since implementing this new habit and I leave no room for excuses or to allow sabotaging behaviors to pop up.

So, now let’s get you thinking about how this could work for you.

Let’s think about some of the tasks you put off doing and why?

I want you to write out what your long-term plan is?

Now, what is the main goal you are focusing on right now to work towards your long-term plan?

Then begin with asking yourself what the resistance is to complete the tasks that form the steps in completing your goal?

And finally, decide that you will not allow emotions or limiting thoughts to stop you from reaching your goal and make a choice to follow through on your required actions. Create a simple habit that is a non-negotiable to taking the steps in completing your goal.

Wherever you find resistance and areas that you give yourself a free pass, generally it is tired to an emotion or limiting belief thought. But you my love have the ability to make a choice.

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