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7 Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs!

Updated: Jun 3

Do you have a belief that’s holding you back? Follow these simple steps to banish that belief and get the progress you are looking for!

Ask yourself if the belief is really true?

You don’t have to believe everything you think. Not every thought you have is true, and as such, you need to ensure you are not letting your negative beliefs affect your decision making and your outcomes. Thought management (not control) is what you are looking to achieve.

Determine the source of the belief Becoming aware of where the belief came from helps to overcome the power hold it has on you. Just because an old boss, and ex or a parent had thoughts about who you are or what your abilities were does not mean it is a belief you have to continue living with. Your worth is not determined by how others perceive you. The most powerful way to let go of a belief is by understanding what the root cause of the thought it is, and in that moment you can see that it’s a bullshit thought and start to let it go.

Declare to yourself, "I don't believe this anymore. It's not helpful and it has no power over me."

You have the power to choose your reactions to your thoughts You may not be able to control them, but you can manage your thoughts in a way that helps you gain a better outcome and result. The thought is just that, until you give it meaning and use it to either stop yourself or push yourself. It IS your choice.

Imagine letting go of limiting beliefs like letting balloons go!

Imagine being free from the belief. How would your life change?

I will always add an extra measure of manifesting and affirmation to my work with clients. In order to have something new, your brain needs to believe that you already have it. In order to ‘trick’ your brain, you need to put feeling into your thoughts of the future. As the experts say, thoughts become actions and your actions bring you the results. Start with your thoughts and you will be surprised at the changes in your outcomes.

Replace the limiting belief with one that counteracts it

This right here is the affirmation work. Start with small adjustments to the affirmation work you do to move you into a new head space. The power behind doing this is by adding feeling to the new thoughts, because if you don’t believe it, then it won’t work for you. Going from ‘I am a failure’ to ‘I am a success’ will be difficult, so try a smaller adjustment such as ‘I have the ability to be successful’ because we all have the ‘ability’ right?

When I am working with my coaching clients, I help them to find ways to ‘load’ the affirmation with feelings in order to help them move it forward quicker.

Find evidence that the new belief is valid

You will need to use and find previous experiences that show you the new thought is true. In the previous example, you could ask yourself, where have you been successful in the past? And it is always a great idea to write it down and reflect on it when you need to. By using small adjustments, it can be easier to do this process until such a time as you are able to say ‘I am successful’ with such conviction and feeling that the universe can’t help but deliver more of it to you.

Observe your new feelings, behavior, and results

You will start showing up for yourself in new and powerful ways when you do not allow your limiting beliefs to mess with you. You will get the results you want when you are not allowing these unhelpful thoughts to stop you and see them as a way to level up! Rise to the challenges and the universe will see your determination for growth!

Now rinse and repeat for each limiting belief that comes up, but just know that the process is ongoing. When you get past a few, a few more might show up. Don’t be disheartened, remember this is for your progress!

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