1:1 coaching

Are you ready to start showing up in your life and business with courage and confidence?

Are you ready to let go of playing small and reach new levels of success?

Do you ever feel…

Your life is missing the joy you want or your new business is launched, but there is a gap between where you thought you would be and where you are right now. You are doing “ok”. But, life is definitely not what you envisioned. You know deep down that there is more out there for you, but how?

Your feeling stress, drained and your tired of feeling pressure in every area of your life. You feel there is a missing piece and everything you’ve been doing is just not getting you to your vision. It's a hard space to be in and your starting to feel stuck, we can get you moved out of overwhelmed

You have big dreams, desires and ambitions but fears and lack of confidence is holding you back. Impostor syndrome, procrastination and self-sabotage are habits you know too well and you are running out of excuses, but it doesn’t need to be that way!

Mindset and Courage Coaching is perfect for you, if:

  • You are currently allowing your emotions to run your life or business

  • Know that your getting stuck in procrastination and using excuses to not do what you know needs to be done to move forward

  • You are struggling to hold yourself accountable to your goals and plans

  • You feel that you're missing a piece of the puzzle 

  • You are letting your negative self-chatter steal your confidence and questioning your ability to create the life or business you want

  • Your not feeling excited to get up in the morning!

You want results right? What would it mean to you if 

  • Felt more confident in being able to achieve your goals

  • Could work through and released fears and beliefs at their root cause, gaining the freedom from your current blocks

  • Improved your consistency and showed up like the boss babe you are, in every area of your life!

  • Were making the money you want and living the life you dream of

  • Had tools and a process to keep the work going by yourself


I would say that it would have a massive impact on your life and business, Right?

Even if you feel like your failing or don’t have it in you to get these results, you are here because some part of you knows that it IS possible and my job is to help and support you grow that part of you!

Your beliefs create your thoughts


Your thoughts create your actions 

Your actions create your results


That is exactly what Mindset and Courage Coaching can do for you!

We all have it within ourselves to succeed. Sometimes we just need a little help along the way.

It won’t always be smooth sailing, but I will be here to provide a safe space to unravel what is holding you back and guide you to see the unconscious stories that are holding you back. Challenging and supporting YOU on your unique journey.

I offer a holistic, individual Mindset and Courage Coaching program with an honest, no fluff approach. You can expect me to lovingly call you out on the things that need to be said.

Together we blend theoretical models with real life experience, practices designed so that you can make the most out of your current situation, level up and achieve your goals.

Unlike other coaching programs, our sessions have no limitations. We will allow the conversation to go where it needs to go.

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and grow into your new self, let’s get started.

Benefits of online coaching:

Life sometimes gets in the way. That’s okay. Working online allows for increased flexibility in scheduling, so that we can always find the right time.

Our sessions are powerful and transformation. Experiencing the sessions at home puts you at ease and provides a safe space for magic to happen.

It also means you can take our sessions from anywhere in the world.


If you are curious to see where Mindset and Courage Coaching could take you, get in contact today.


How this helps you: 

- You can create a real impact with your work.

- You can make money doing the things you love and can achieve the goals and business your excited about!


- Start showing up consistently day after day to put in the work that you know will make a difference to your business and life.

- Growth in every area of your life, when you can let go of the beliefs holding you back, you will be surprised at how this changes your relationships, connections and aspects of your life where you have been holding back

Why choose me as your coach:

My methods are designed to see you WIN. Whatever your goals are, I will be there to celebrate each and every one of your victories.


My no fluff and solution focused approach will take you from feeling totally deflated to excited.

They don’t call me the
accountability queen for nothing. You can count on me to hold you accountable every single time. Hey, that’s when we see results!

My method is action focused. So, you get out of it what you put into it.

I know what I am talking about! I have had 12 years of experience in working with mindset coaching. I know how to get to the root of the problem and I know how to help rewire and re-frame your thoughts.

Whats included: 


- My couching styles is based on your individual needs, in the breakthrough call I ask questions to ensure I understand your struggles, needs and can design the best support package for helping you to work through your current struggles. 

- Through our conversations, I am able to pick up on key words within your story that indicate root beliefs that are not supporting your growth

- Each session will come with action taking homework, there's no point just talking about it! Actions are where the results come in! 

- Each package comes with accountability support and VIP upgrades to include further support based on your needs. 

$179 (7).png

Mindset refresh 

1 hour session via zoom or phone 

$179 (5).png

Mindset and 


1 hour session via zoom or phone


PLUS 2 weeks of voxer / messenger support

$179 (6).png

Show up with courage 

4 x 1 hour sessions via zoom or phone over 2 months


PLUS voxer or messenger/ email support

Are you ready to Show Up With Courage?


Start your Mindset and Courage coaching for women in business today.


Get in contact here to schedule your free Breakthrough Call and get the wheels in motion!

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