it takes courage to go after what you want

What you can expect when working with sarah! 

Holistic View:

You are an individual.

There is no one in the world who is exactly like you. It is your POWER.

I honor and respect your uniqueness. So, in our sessions we celebrate you holistically and build practical solutions that cater to your dreams, desires and ambitions.

Honest Approach:

I am not here to tell you what you want to hear.


Our sessions are built upon trust. You can count on me to lovingly hold you accountable when you are not owning your truth.

I will always see the bigger picture and lead with your best intentions at heart.

Heart Centered Coaching:

Just like you are investing in me, I will be investing in you.

I will be there to help you challenge your self-doubt, hold a safe space for your breakthroughs and celebrate your victories.

When you win, I win. I am on your team, cheering you on every single time.

Powerful Connection:

What you see is what you get.

Whether it’s a 1:1 coaching call, a catch up with my bestie or a public event - I show up as my authentic self every single time.

An untamed, curly haired, bubbly Aussie girl who isn’t afraid to drop a swear word in here and there!

Whatever freedom looks like to you....

Whatever dreams and goals make up your BIGGER life...

I'm here to help you.

It’s not a coincidence you are here…

It’s the right time to make a shift in your story.


You're curious whether a Mindset and Courage Coach is right for you, and how working with me can add value to your life. 

We all have goals, aspirations and dreams hiding within us that we want to bring into our reality. These realities are what I like to call our BIGGER lives.


I've seen first-hand how much of an impact our mindset and belief system have on every area of our lives.

When you're able to harness the power of positive psychology and mindset, you claim back your POWER to create an extraordinary life. 

Sometimes I feel like I have been reborn many times in my life.

I experienced trauma in my childhood, rebellion in my teenage years, motherhood at the age of 20 and then became a less than confident, single mother juggling it all while also building my career in the corporate nonprofit world. I also did not see much of a future for myself.

Like many of us, I spent so many years running on auto pilot, telling myself to get through the week, the month… the year. Time passed and I had not achieved anything I thought I would, or even more so, I did not have a vision therefore I was on a path to nowhere.

I felt completely unfulfilled. I was often broke, lacked energy, felt crap and was settling for an invisible life of mediocrity


But, the constant throughout my life was my ability to adapt to my ever-changing circumstances with perseverance, commitment and courage.

I also had a strong core belief that I could not only build myself, but also that I have the power to change my situation and write my own story and this gave me the determination I needed to thrive.

And wow, did I change my life! I worked on my internal self, I began questioning my desires, my wants and needs and I went after them! When I was 25, I made my progress the top priority in my life.


I read, I studied and trained, I set scary goals and I made the decision about who I wanted to be. I am living the life I set out to achieve, I moved 2 hours away from my comfort zone, working in a job and business I love, married to the man of my dreams, 2 amazing children, living in full abundance and no longer happy to settle for anything in life! 

BUT I am not done! I have massive goals to create impact and help women up-level their lives and to create my even BIGGER life! 


It wasn’t always an easy or smooth ride, far from it actually, But everything I have been through has led me to where I am right now and for that I am grateful.

Now it is my passion as a Mindset and Courage Coach, to help others break the habit of unintentional living, ditch the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and grow positive habits of success.

How this helps you:

- I have been there, I know how hard it is to change your thoughts and habits! I have spent many years, and continue to put work into, changing my own beliefs, stories, habits and manage my thoughts. I am the first to admit that the work on ourselves is ever evolving as we grow, change and move into new territory in our lives. 

- I have spent 12 years working with and coaching clients in the corporate sector to up-level their thoughts, change their realities and cultivate growth in their circumstances. 

- My methods are back by experience, not just theory (although having studied theory in my corporate job, there is also some human theories that back the work I do) and my process is backed by years of working with clients. I know how successful the process I use is and I want to share that with you! 

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