Sarah Sampana


7 Days To More Clarity!

Feeling lost and a little all over the place?
Want to gain more clarity and work through what's keeping you stuck from growing your business?
Then this is the one for you!
Over 7 days we go on a journey together to look under the surface of what is holding you back, keeping you stuck in fear and stopping you from making decisions and taking action!

Thought Process Workbook

Often times our thoughts are all over the place and this workbook helps you to make and understand your goals, become aware of the thoughts that are unhelpful and comes with a decision making rubric, action priority matrix and 30 day habit tracker!

Self Care Workbook

A reusable workbook that supports you to incorporate more self care into your life (which will always be useful when building a business you love). Balance your life with trackers and audits and a quick list for useful self care tool ideas!

Your Dream Life Workbook

It will help you with dreaming bigger, create the goals to match the dreams you have for your business and life and recognize the beliefs that are currently unsupportive and then reframe them.

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